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Dorel Car Seat Recall

In December 2009, a recall of approximately 447,000 infant car seats was announced by Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc., the National Highway Safety Commission, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recalled car seats have a flaw in the handle bolts which allows the bolts to come loose and cause the handle to separate from the seat, posing a fall risk for infants when the product is used as a baby carrier. The recalled car seats include certain models of Safety 1st, Cosco, Eddie Bauer, and Disney brands.

Recalled model numbers include:

  • Safety 1st: 22-057 DBY; 22-085 DWA; 22-057 CLN; 22-057 HRT; 22-322 HRR; 22-322 PTK; 22-057 LPH; 22-085 LYN; 22-322 KDL; 22-322 LXI; 22-322OLY; 22-322PRS; 22-322 MAI; 22-325 COB; 22-095 RBK; 22-380 LGA; 22-380 MSA; 22-627 WAV; 22-325 PAC
  • Cosco: 22-300 FZN; 22-300 OSF; 22-300 CSF; 22-300 JJV; 22-300 THD; 22-300 TWD
  • Eddie Bauer: 22-627 CGT; 22-627 FRK; 22-627 SNW; 22-627 WPR; 22-627KGS; 22-655BYTE
  • Disney: 22-627 AWF; 22-355 LBF; 22-305 NAB; 22-305 PPH; 22-355 PWK

Dorel received 77 separate complaints about the product defect, with at least three infant injuries, including one head injury. The recalled car seats were sold in the U.S. and Canada from January 2008 to April 2009.

The company says consumers should stop using the car seat as a carrier and obtain a repair kit, but the product still meets federal safety standards when used as a car seat.