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C&T/Sorelle Crib Recall

On May 6, 2010, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and C&T International/Sorelle announced a safety recall of approximately 170,000 drop-side cribs sold under the brand names C&T International, Sorelle, or Golden Baby from January 2000 to March 2010.

The recall includes all of the above full-size crib brands, sold in natural, white, and cherry finishes. The following model names and numbers are affected by the recall:

  • Alessandra (model number 180)
  • Alex 3 in 1 (model number 910)
  • Amelia (model number 185)
  • Chelsea (model number 100)
  • Federica (model number 170)
  • Glenda/Toscana (model number 350)
  • Hampton (model number 303)
  • Jackie (model number 440)
  • Jessica (model number 810)
  • Lana (model number 240)
  • Leonardo (model number 395)
  • Marisa (model number 680)
  • Martina (model number 135)
  • Mirabella (model number 930)
  • Nadia (model number 245)
  • Natasha (model number 900)
  • Nico (model number 630)
  • Nina Pine (model number 710)
  • Noelle (model number 999)
  • Pagodina (model number 195)
  • Rita (model number 490)
  • Rosa (model number 870)
  • Rosemary (model number 925)
  • Silver (model number 485)

The recalled cribs have defective hardware that can cause the drop side to disengage from the tracks and detach from the crib. Infants are in danger of falling from the crib if the drop side detaches, and the space between the crib mattress and the drop side can suffocate, strangle, or entrap infants.

To date, the C&T International/Sorelle has received 104 reports of incidents involving the drop sides detaching from the cribs, with six reports of infants suffering from bruises and abrasions to the head, face, torso, or leg from falling or becoming entrapped when the drop side disengaged.

The cribs were sold nationwide for $300-$600. The CPSC advises parents and caregivers to immediately stop using any recalled cribs and contact the company at 877-791-9398 to receive a free replacement kit.