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Furnace Recall

The recent furnace recalls have centered around two issues: the tendency of faulty furnaces to cause fires, and the escape of carbon monoxide gas from the units. The first issue is of serious concern to local fire fighting agencies who receive many calls each year to attend home fires caused by faulty furnaces. The following examples of recent recalls demonstrate the safety issues at hand contain some statistics on injuries and loss experienced by consumers.

Consolidated Industries Inc. Furnace Recall

One of the largest recalls of furnaces in recent history involves Consolidated Industries Inc. and the seven firms that sold their furnaces in California. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) mandated a recall of 30,000 of the furnaces sold in California between 1982 and 1994. The furnaces were sold under a variety of different names, including Amana Company, American Standard Inc., Bard Manufacturing, the Trane Company and Goettl Air Conditioning Inc.

Seven of the companies who sold these furnaces under their labels are offering replacements or repair of the furnaces to their customers. Free inspections of furnaces and repairs where necessary are offered under this recall, and some consumers may chose to accept a brand new furnace as a replacement. Installation costs are not covered. Consolidated Industries Inc has since declared bankruptcy and is no longer in business, but is subject to ongoing private litigation, which may provide further compensation for affected customers. No injuries were recorded due to the fires allegedly started by these furnaces.

The problems which prompted a recall of these furnaces include burner and heat exchanger failure, leading to both the possibility of fires and the escape of hazardous gases. As a solution to new legislation controlling emissions, steel bars were fitted at the top of furnaces, causing overheating. More than 50 incidents of fires were reported to the CPSC who responded with a recall notice.

Models involved in the recall are listed under the vendor’s company name

Amana Company, L.P. of Amana, Iowa

Bard Manufacturing, of Bryan, Ohio


Carrier Corporation, (Sunburst) of Syracuse, New York

Carrier Southern of California
HAC 040N (D, E, or F) 3RXC
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HAC 060N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 075N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 080N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HAC 100N(D,E, or F)5RXC

Goettl Air Conditioning Inc, (American Best) of Phoenix, Arizona
Goettl HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RCX
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RCX
HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RXD
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RXD
HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RXC
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RXC
HAC 060N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 075N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 080N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HAC 100N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HCC 040N(D,E, or F)3RX
HCC 050N(D,E, or F)3RX
HCC 060N(D,E, or F)4RX
HCC 075N(D,E, or F)4RX
HCC 100N(D,E, or F)5RX
HBA 040N(D,E, or F)3RX
HBA 060N(D,E, or F)3RX
HBA 080N(D,E, or F)4RX
HBA 100N(D,E, or F)5RX
HBA 120N(D,E, or F)5RX

Goodman Manufacturing Company, (Franklin Electric) of Houston, Texas
HBA 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 060 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 080 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 120 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 060 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 080 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 120 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 140 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 050 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 060 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 075 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 080 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)

Heat Controller Inc, (Comfort-Aire) Jackson, Michigan

The Trane Company, (American Standard) of Tyler, Texas

For more details on specific models involved in this recall, please visit the CPSC’s Web site at


Greenheck Recalls Fan Indirect Gas Fired Furnaces Due to Risk of Fire

This voluntary recall was a joint operation by the company which manufactured the furnaces, Greenbeck, and the CPSC in an effort to reduce any negative effects of the faulty furnaces. Approximately 1,500 units manufactured in the U.S. by the Greenheck Fan Corp, of Schofield, Wisconsin were involved in the recall. The issue was identified as a fault in the ignition system which prevented the furnace from shutting off when high temperatures were present. The risks involved the possibility of fire and dangerous fumes circulating from combustion of insulating materials.

No injuries were reported as a result of this product, and prompt action on the part of the manufacture to contact the affected customers was welcomed by the CPSC and consumers. Repairs have been offered to all customers who purchased furnaces between 2006 and 2007 bearing the model numbers ERCH, IG, PVF, IGXERH and PVFH. To further identify the model numbers, only units with an ignition control number 35-615922-125 are affected.

Northwest Manufacturing Recalls WoodMaster AFS 900 Outdoor Furnaces

This recall concerned an outdoor wood burning furnace sold by Northwest Manufacturing Inc, of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota that was manufactured in the U.S. Approximately 600 units are involved in the recall due to failure of the temperature gauge. This presents a risk of fire, as the fuel storage hopper may ignite, causing injury. Reported injuries were minor, including blisters and small burns which did not need professional medical attention. Customers who purchased Woodmaster furnaces between 2006 and 2009 have been advised to ensure their furnaces do not have the model number is AFS 900, visible on the front of the furnace, next to the company logo. Free repairs are offered to affected customers.

Rheem, Ruud and United Refrigeration Oil-Fired Furnaces Recall

A voluntary recall by the Air Conditioning Department of Rheem Manufacturing Company of Fort Smith, Arkansas involved 14,000 units made in the U.S. The recall affected customers who purchased these furnaces between 2006 and2008. The risk presented by these furnaces involves possible wiring faults which can permit the burner to keep working while switched off. This may lead to overheating of the furnaces and a risk of fire, though no incidents have been reported to date. Only one unit was found to have incorrect wiring. Free inspections and rewiring are offered to affected customers. Models involved in the recall include ROBF, TZODH, ROPF and TZODH.