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Working in the construction industry or completing various home improvement and construction projects comes with inherent risks. The use of defective construction products and tools greatly increases the risk of injury.

Even small defects in parts, engines, fuel lines, or the safety mechanisms on construction tools and machinery can lead to major injuries and accidents. Construction tools often have many moving parts and are used to perform large and dangerous tasks such as cutting, twisting, shearing, lifting, shredding, and molding.

Industrial and construction workers trust heavy-duty equipment to withstand high temperatures and strong pressures, but defects and product failures can lead to fire hazards, explosions, sharp object lacerations, projectile objects, and inhalation injuries from toxic fumes.

Tool Recalls and Construction Dangers

Some construction and building tools may have manufacturing defects or electrical wiring issues that pose a safety risk to consumers. Although tools are usually extensively tested, defects can occur and cause a product to be recalled from the market. The most common defect in tools is a problem with overheating that can lead to melting or burns.

The following tools are often subject to safety recalls:

Other Safety Risks

Additional safety risks associated with construction and tools include: