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ConsumerWatch.com is a consumer safety website dedicated to keeping the public informed about defective products, product recalls, safety concerns, and potential risks associated with numerous products ranging from tools, automobiles, food & medical devices, children’s toys, and more.

ConsumerWatch.com is continually updated with defective product information & product safety recalls, and closely follows updates from the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, or CPSC, to communicate the latest news with website visitors.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, is an independent government agency created to protect Americans from harmful products that could result in serious injury or death. The agency creates product safety standards and guidelines for companies and manufacturers to follow when creating consumer goods. ConsumerWatch.com informs our visitors when these standards are not upheld and the guidelines are compromised, to ensure the public is aware of defective products that could cause harm to Americans nationwide.

ConsumerWatch.com is brought to you by: Newsome Melton Law of Orlando, Florida.

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