2010 Cadillac DTS Recall for Missing Tire Safety Labels

On December 15, 2009, General Motors Corp. announced a recall of select 2010 Cadillac DTS vehicles for failure to comply with the requirements of federal motor vehicle safety standard No. 110 for “Tire Selection and Rims.” The 126 recalled vehicles have missing tire and loading information labels, and two other labels incorrectly describe them as incomplete vehicles (the Vehicle Certification Label and the Service Parts Identification Label).

Without the tire and loading information label, consumers may not be aware of tire inflation minimums for the Cadillac DTS, which could result in improperly inflated tires, tire overloading, premature or irregular wear, or poor handling with an increased risk of accidents.

General Motors informed owners that it will mail three correct labels with installation instructions, or the vehicles can be taken to a dealer for installation, free of charge. Owners may contact GM Cadillac at 1-866-982-2339.