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November 7, 2016

Product Safety Recall: 4,635 Trek “Fat Bikes” Recalled – Front Wheel Could Detach While Riding

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Product Safety Recall: Farley “Fat Bikes” Front Wheel Could Detach

Trek Bicycle Corporation, headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin, has announced an international recall of more than 4,600 bikes manufactured in Taiwan. The models in question are the Farley and Farley 6, part of Trek’s line of “fat bikes” that sport oversized tires and can be ridden on the beach. According to Trek’s website, “From dunes to drifts, race to recreation, Farley lets you tackle anything, any time, for any reason.” But Trek did not count on some of their 2014 and 2015 Farley models allegedly falling apart during use, leaving the rider susceptible to injury. The bicycle company wrote in a statement that 2016 and 2017 models are not affected, but “apologize for any inconvenience this problem might have caused.”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled about 2,600 of the Trek bikes in question in the U.S. (an additional 360 were sold in Canada). Authorities have reported five alleged incidents of a Farley or Farley 6 fork, which holds the front wheel in place, spontaneously detaching from the “steerer tube” that connects the front tire and handle bars to the frame of the bike. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported because of the defective $1,700 – $2,600 Trek bikes sold from September 2013 to August 2016. Trek said that they have traced the problem back to improper assembly.

Trek’s Recall History

Trek is not new to recalls in collaboration with the CPSC, in fact their bikes have been recalled almost annually. In 2015 there were three; the Superfly seat post recall, the Suntour fork bolt recall, and a quick release lever recall that affected nearly one million bicycles. Then in 2014 there was a prior Suntour fork recall and in 2013 there was the Madone recall. Before that there was another Suntour recall in 2012 and a FX and District recall in 2011. Over the last two decades Trek’s bicycles have been involved in at least 17 recalls.

Consumers that own a recalled 2014 or 2015 Trek Farley or Farley 6 bicycle have been asked by authorities and Trek to stop riding them immediately and bring their bikes to an authorized Trek retailer for a replacement fork, free of charge. Trek said they will also provide owners with a $100 coupon, good towards any Trek merchandise.

To see if your Trek bicycle has been recalled: http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/company/legal_policies/safety_recalls/