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December 5, 2016

In a Twist of Irony, CPR Training Device Poses Risk; Could Choke Trainee

Product Safety Recalls, CPSC Recall, Choking Hazards

CPSC Recall: CPR Training Device Could Choke Trainee

A tool intended to help people learn how to revive someone who has stopped breathing can allegedly choke the trainee. A first aid and CPR training manufacturer, Work ‘N Leisure Products Inc. located in Holliston, MA, has recalled 10,000 CPR training valves over hazardous choking concerns. The recall, made in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), was announced after the company learned of three incidents where the end-cap of the valve came loose in an individual’s mouth or throat, while they were being taught how to perform the life-saving technique of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR.

Work ‘N Leisure said in a statement that the end-caps were “inhaled or swallowed temporarily (and quickly expelled) by the end-user(s),” and fortunately they avoided any “serious injuries.” The faulty valves, 2.75-inches long by 1-inch-wide, were manufactured in China by Ningbo Sifang Medical Corporation and then imported into the United States by Work ‘N Leisure Inc., also known at WNL Products.

The line of valves in question, called the “Practi-VALVE,” were sold online through Work ‘N Leisure’s website and on Amazon from July 2016 to September 2016. Valves not included in the recall are still for sale on Work N Leisure’s website, but the line has been taken down from Amazon (although a CPR kit made by Work ‘N Leisure can still be found there).

The Practi-VALVE, which costs consumers around one dollar each, are attached to a plastic mask (sold separately) used to preform CPR on a dummy’s mouth. After investigating, Work ‘N Leisure believes that all of the faulty valves are isolated to Lot 3197 made on July 13, 2016. Both date and lot number are printed on the front of the packaging. The company has advised owners of the defective valves, sold in 10 and 50 packs, to destroy them immediately and contact Work ‘N Leisure for free replacements.

Work ‘N Leisure has directed consumers to contact John P. Fazzuoli, Operations Manager at WNL Products. Email: Call: (800) 884-9629