Product Safety Recalls
September 2, 2016

Mazda Recalls for 2016:  List of Vehicles and How to Get Reimbursed


The Japanese based Mazda Motor Corp, is recalling more than two million of its vehicles worldwide over potential problems with faulty rear gates in some vehicles and problems with computer technology with some of their diesel models.

The company has launched a website where consumers can check and see if their vehicle is on the recall list.

Two models in particular — the Mazda 3 sedan and the CX-3 compact SUV — are affected with the car company’s latest recall in addition to a separate recall announced earlier this week for a different SUV.  Both have rear gates that could be susceptible to corrosion and salt.  In the United States, both models could run into problems with computer technology effecting diesel engines.

While Mazda is offering to fix all recalled vehicles free-of-charge, reimbursements are doable, but tricky. “If you happen to discover an issue and have it corrected and a recall is later issued for that same item, you’ll be eligible for a refund—as long as you present a receipt for the work having been done at an authorized Mazda dealer service department within 10 days of the first mailing of the recall notice,” Mazda wrote on its website. “Or, return the reimbursement form that was included with the recall letter, with the repair documentation.”