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August 5, 2016

NEW PSA SERIES: Your Car May Be Unsafe- How to Protect Yourself & Family

Silent Killers, a new public service announcement (PSA) series designed to inform and educate the public about a spike in recent car safety issues will launch Monday on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

The PSAs address topics ranging from defective airbags to exploding tire risks in high heat. Created by ConsumerWatch.com, the web series is moderated by Rich Newsome, a consumer advocate and product safety attorney.

Each week, we will unveil two to three new PSAs in the series.

Your Car May Be Unsafe – How to Protect Yourself and Family

In the series trailer, Newsome states:

The misperception is that airbags are these soft pillowy devices; they’re not.

Underneath that comfortable-looking seat is what really looks like a lawn chair.

There’s a dangerous secret that the tire manufacturers don’t want the public to know about.

People are seriously; catastrophically injured and even worse people can die.

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